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Mechanical, hydraulical and electrical equipment is our standard product for hydro-power plants and other industrial facilities.

Automation system

Sintaksa control system

Turbine governor

Excitation, Protection and Communication system

Power electrical system

Generator with AVR


Low voltage and medium voltage system

High voltage system

Mechanical equipment

In cooperation with our partner we deliver

Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines

Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic steel structures

Turn-Key Solutions


Sophisticated automation system from Sintaksa reduces risk and time during project realization. The combination of our engineers' know-how and the implementation of the equipment of the most reputable manufacturers provides reliability and longtime functionality of all our products.


Project design and calculation

System design and integration

Equipment specification

Manufacturing, transport and installation

Commissioning and training

Maintenance and repairs


Site survey and reports

Analysis and repairs


Preliminary studies and design

Layout optimization

Analysis and calculations


Succesfull projects


New ideas


Win awards


Amazing people


More than 200 projects in the last 5 years installed all over the world.

More than 50 engineers are working on development and implementation all over the world.

Some of our references are listed below and shown in the map.

Knowledge, experience, creativity and flexibility

Sintaksa is an innovative technology company providing services in the field of electromechanical system for hydro power industry. Our field of expertise is control, protection and measurement system for hydro power plants.

Highly skilled and motivated team has aim to develop new technology solutions for the hydro energy sector. The main focus area is small and medium sized hydropower plants.

Our quality assurance is based on the knowledge and long term experience of our employees. We are actively involved in the research and development of new solutions and products. We cooperate with leading technical and scientific establishments in Croatia such as Faculty of Electrical Engineering Split.

Thanks to the Sintaksa sophisticated simulator technology the automation system can now be pre-commissioned thus reducing risk and time during project realization. The combination of knowledge, experience, creativity and flexibility enables us to offer many technical solutions, and adjust our products to fully meet the requirements of our clients.

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Our awesome team

The best combination of Knowledge, Experience, Creativity and Flexibility

Petar Jelinčić M.Eng.E.E.

Board president

Ivan Daidžić M.Eng.E.E.

Board member

Renato Petričić M.Eng.E.E.

Head of Project Design Department

Milan Šimić M.Eng.E.E.

Head of Automation and Plant Integration Department

Darko Korlević M.Eng.M.E.

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

Tamara Barlović mag.philol.hisp.

Head of Administration, HR and Marketnig

Magdalena Šimić M.Eng.E.E.

Head of Procurement Department

Ivan Pedisić M.Eng.E.E.

Head of Sales Department

All Departments

Project design
Dražen Plavčić M.Eng.E.E.

Project Manager

Slaven Nekić M.Eng.E.E.

Project Manager

Mirko Bonić M.Eng.E.E.

Project Manager

Hrvoje Matoković M.Eng.E.E.

Project Manager

Robert Borovac M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Damir Bukvić M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Petra Odžak M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Josip Neimarević M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Bruno Bijelić M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Ivan Perić M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Vlado Salečić M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Filip Lemić M.Eng.E.E.

Junior Design Engineer

Automation and Plant Integration
Tea Radić M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Teo Krtalić M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Daniel Erceg M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Marko Šimić

SCADA Specialist

Branimir Jelavić M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Branimir Vrdoljak M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Ivan Šimić M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Jure Huljev M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Josip Kereta M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Ivan Budiša M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Ivana Trošelj M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Toni Žuvela M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Antonia Bradarić M.Eng.E.E.

Automation Specialist

Ante Bagarić

Electrical Technician

Mechanical Engineering
Leo Stipišić M.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Tomislav Juričev-Sudac M.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Zvonimir Lažeta M.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Marko Huklek M.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Hrvoje MacuraM.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Vilim JakupićM.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Roko PetrićM.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Domagoj Juričev-Sudac

Hydraulic Specialist

Ivan Bilonić M.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Ante TerzićM.Eng.M.E.

Hydraulic Specialist

Nikola Rakić M.Eng.E.E.

Sales Manager

Administration, HR and Marketing
Damir Novosel univ.bacc.oec.

Accounting Administrator

Maja Telenta

Office Manager

Antonija Vučić mag. iur.


Petra Juhart univ.bacc.oec.

Administration Assistant

Mirela Briš 

Administration Assistant

Jelena Biukmag.iur.

Procurement Assistant

Ana Tomažinuniv.spec.oec

Procurement Assistant

Ivan Ratković

Procurement Assistant

Quality Control
Marinko Cirkvenčić M.Eng.E.E.

Quality Manager

IT Department
Domagoj Debić M.Eng.E.E.

Head of IT Department

Research & Developments